ARTIST   A. M. Gobì


Venetian artist, he comes from a family that has always been in the art: his grandfather was a goldsmith, the father painter, decorator and restorer.

Since he was a child he showed a great predisposition and interest in fine arts, painting and poetry in particular. Like many other contemporary masters, he began to paint as a hobby, but soon showed uncommon qualities, not only in imagination but also in technique, which led him to participate in many events and competitions with consequent great consensus of public and critics. in fact, he exhibited in Barcelona Toledo and Madrid, Paris, Basel, New York, Berlin, Lugano Switzerland, Dallas and many other important ones like Museo DI Monreale, Biennale di Mantova Museo Gonzaga, permanent exhibition in galleries in Venice, Turin, Parma.

Through his Venetian themed canvases you can see his beloved city, Venice, both the classic made of small squares and bridges, and the oneiric where the magic of the subject is added to the magic and the dream given by color and imagination.

The dreamlike and fantastic paintings instead express its interiority sometimes sad, sometimes joyful but always ironic and always beyond rationality, interiority that allows us to see and feel the true values ​​such as beauty and harmony.

The great Tono Zancanaro, visiting some of Mencini’s exhibitions, affectionately wrote: “the imagination and the colors of Mencini transform and give new light to the artistic and pictorial field, creating an evolutionary theme, an expression of poetic messages addressed to humanity. human suffering, of sweetness and of solitude prevail in the theme of this Artist.

The Prof Paolo Levi has thus rewarded the mencini: “for the stylistic testimony an example of valid creativity.” Important criticism by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi Prof. Philippe Daverio and many others as many publications: among the most important the SQUARE, COMANDUCCI ANNUARIO COMED, ​​ATLAS OF THE CONTEMPORARY ART EDITO DE AGOSTINI and many others.