Amelia Romeo

ARTIST   Amelia Romeo

Amelia Romeo

Making art is the thread that most directly connects with the eternal.

2018 – Inclusion in the book “POLYCHROMIA Internazionale” curated by Dino Masara ‘Studio Byblos with “Le praterie del cielo” and “Verso altri lidi”

2018 – Archiving in the SGARBI COLLECTION of Prints of two paintings with the works: “Towards other beaches” No. 279 and “Inter-dimensional contacts” No. 280- “The history of a collection is a story of occasions, meetings, discoveries , intersects with curiosity, research, studies “. says Vittorio Sgarbi” The presence of his work in the collection of prints and drawings of my collection attests the validity of his work and his artistic commitment “.

2018 – Inclusion in the “Great Masters” category in the “ATLANTE DELL’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA”, published by De Agostini, with the work “Colors in free fall” year 2018 / 19- (soon to be released)

2018- Premio Internazionale arte Palermo – capital of culture 2018 – reviews Paolo Levi – S. Serradifalco.

2018 Paolo Levi, writes: “The works of AMELIAROMEO are convincing as they appear as eloquent works in the will to break the classical schemes of academic language to arrive at a search for non-figurative tradition, linked to the interpretation of the abstract matrix form.

We are facing a hymn to color and its expressive power, cathartic and enchanting. With instinctive gestures, Romeo proceeds with delicate tonal combinations in counterpoints to more intense and strong tones “.

2018 S. Serradifalco writes that the “Palermo internationali art award” was given: “for the important role that his work takes on the contemporary art scene. His art is an indispensable tool for communication, the fruit of constant expressive research and a rare stylistic elevation “.