Anai Contreras

ARTIST   Anai Contreras

Anai Contreras

We do not understand why the new pictorial techniques were born. We are not willing to understand that beyond every single novelty, we live in an influx of ideas, facts, knowledge, mentality, cultures and contemporaneity, leaving nothing untouched behind it.

Anai Contreras, lively and extrovert artist of Cuban origin, graduated in sculpture and design. Imaginative and very original, the artist seeks with the fusion of shapes and colors, of giving volumes and thickness to his creations.

Presents 4 works of his latest series “Passion Free” made with cardboard, plastic and colors derived from the tireless search for alternative forms.

The study that combines painting and sculpture combined with different materials and colors, makes the works acquire sculptural volume and abstract forms of marked Futurist imprint.