Barbara Guarini

ARTIST Barbara Guarini

Fire art: an encounter between heaven and earth, fire and wood, the passion that creates life.”

Born in 1970 under the explosive sign of the scorpion, Barbara shows from a young girl a great love for all that is creative. He loves art in all its forms and lets himself be carried away by emotions in all his creations.
Over the years, life has led her to follow different paths and occupations without a personal artistic form.
In the last years he knows and falls in love with the ancient technique of drawing in focus, the pyrography. He leaves the business and totally changes his life by devoting himself to creating works on wood through this technique that sometimes enriches with the colors or with different materials following the innate instinct that guides them through boundless emotional worlds.

Over the years the artist lets himself go to new artistic inspirations by exploring the fields of painting, watercolor, charcoal and digital art.
Every form of art is a gesture of extreme love towards the visible and invisible life that Barbara expresses with great emotion following the instinct that has always distinguished her.