ARTIST   Bernardo Molinas

A dialogue between art and physics.”

Italian-Argentine, Ph.D. in Physics, he paints with oil, tempera and fresco.
He studied with the Masters Oscar Esteban Luna (National Award Argentina), A. Oliva (at the School of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, Argentina) and with the Venetian Masters Gianfranco Cavizzago, Silvano Bertaglia, Nadia Costantini, Giorgio Pettener, Roberta De Toffoli, and Luciano Zarotti and Dorina Petronio (former Lecturers of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice). He is an expert of the work of Giambattista Tiepolo whose life and technique of the fresco paintings has followed for more than 30 years.
He holds courses at the university level and at the School of Fine Arts level on artistic frescoes and on diagnostics for the restoration of ‘parietal paintings’ (Universidades Nacionales de Santa Fe and Buenos Aires-Argentina, the Popular University of Camponogara-Veneto-Italy, the Quilmes Escuela de Bellas Artes EMBA, The Mantovani’s School of Art in Santa Fe and EMBA of San Justo, Argentina).
He painted frescoes on the wall in Mestre (Venice, Italy), Quilmes (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Santa Fe (Argentina) and San Justo (Argentina), personally or with collaborators from Schools of Fine Arts.
Frescoes on building panels can be found in private collections in Padova, Ponte di Brenta and in Cittadella. He recently painted two frescoes on building panels that were installed in the Chapel of Saint’Helen, Chiesa di Sant’Elena (Venice).
He has exhibited oil and tempera paintings in 11 personal exhibitions from 1996 to 2018 in Venice, Padua, Cittadella and other cities of Veneto in Italy.
Awards: “Jury Prize” to a fresco in the 14th “Renato Marinato” Competition, Marghera (Venice), 1998 (“… to resume an ancient pictorial technique and repropose it in modern language”). For oil and tempera paintings: “2nd Special Prize “In the Grand Prix Felsina La Dotta, Bologna, 1998; “Pointed by the Jury” at the Villa Farsetti National Competition, Santa Maria di Sala, April 2004. For a painting of the Double Reading Series: “Pointed by the Jury” at the ‘ArtProtagonist’ Expo, Piazzola sul Brenta, 2015
Regarding the “phosphors”, used as innovative pigments for egg-tempera in the paintings of his “La Doppia Lettura – The Double Reading” Series, Molinas had participated in their production and characterization (the measurement of the three characteristic colors blue, red and green) when they were destinated to TV and Computer screens, in a research center on materials in Venice.