ARTIST   Carla Freddi

“Carla Freddi.”

Equipped with artistic ability and sensitivity, the search for the elusive line, strongly desired and already traced in Orizzonti, continues: attentive eyes and an open heart in search of "feeling feminine".

The artist's journey develops according to chosen themes: love for nature, which never ceases to inspire and excite her, everyday life in the family so engaging, passion, motherhood, social life, work and do you travel.

The artist dialogues with the colors, which let themselves be captured by the vigorous stroke: they come out of his heart, they penetrate the canvas understood as infinite space.
The colors are the expression of the language of the painter, whose palette is rich: dense, shaded, transparent, diluted to wateriness. The technique used is oil.

The chromatic harmonies that distinguish Carla Freddi's paintings blend with both geometric lines and evanescent shapes; the tonal gradations emphasize the forms, which come out spontaneous to represent the artist's experience.

The strokes, more than a shape, follow an idea, an emotional trend that does not refer to real shapes. The abstract concept finds its reason in these executions: the subjective reality of the artist shows itself to the visitor suggesting moments of personal reflection. Color is the protagonist of the scene with its expressive reality, now very noisy now able to extrapolate light or Argentine sounds with circular melodies, pauses and more. The space is safely managed. A recurring line suggests a "philosophy of life", which invites us to look forward to the magic of a white horizon, which is the synthesis of all the pigments of light, a possible synonym of pause, silence and hope.

In some paintings, the overlap of colors creates movement and plasticity; for Carla, painting is the channel that allows her to make a personal contribution of poetry and beauty in this life, is the way that helps her to overcome difficult moments and to explain her "art of living" with art .