Cesare Triaca

ARTIST Cesare Triaca

My paintings celebrate and consecrate the beauty of the landscape and nature in their poetic vision.”

Cesare Triaca was born in Gravedona (Co) on December 13th, 1960 from an old peasant family.
He only comes to painting in the 1900s. From an artistic point of view, he is essentially self-taught. Triaca does not feel that anxiety of novelty and that need for new languages ​​common to many artists of his generation.

Above all, his Alpine landscapes, Lake Como and his portraits are always kept within a measured realism that gives little to contemporary artistic currents, but still manages to express its own sober modernity.

Triaca has exhibited his paintings on many occasions, including Gravedona ed Uniti at Palazzo Gallio, concurrently with the “Mostra delle Camelie” held every year; in Domaso in the beautiful “Villa Camilla”, in the Sanctuary of the Church of S. Vincenzo in Gera Lario, near the “Baptistery of St. John the Baptist” in Lenno.

He participated in the “Pro Biennale” of Venice and “Spoleto arte” both curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, where he received two excellent criticisms from Elena Gollini, curator of art and journalist and Veronica Ferretti, official at the “Casa” museum Christmas Michelangelo Buonarroti “of Florence.