Claudio Puglisi

ARTIST   Claudio Puglisi

The vibrations inherent in the color, addressed by my hand, are expressed in an abstract way, in a harmonic balance from which to extract a representation.”

Claudio Puglisi, was born in Varese in 1961 under the sign of the twins, but with the flaming arrow of the Sagittarius, his ascendant, well directed towards the infinite. He lives between Milan, Varese and the French Riviera.

The search for beauty and harmony of the external and surrounding environment has focused its attention from an early age. Initially the expression of the artistic character developed with the musical practice of the piano and the organ and, only more recently, with painting. These two forms of art have constituted, constitute and will constitute its anchors of salvation from the rational universe of the mind and the world in which it is immersed.

He does not like to express in words what his works represent and portray, or titillate them. It simply leaves the sensitivity of the observer the ability to interpret, through the vibrations inherent in the fluidity of color, the movements and nuances that arise from his inner world, that of emotions and the deeper one of the unconscious and the soul.

In painting, it allows the color to express itself in an abstract way, to compose itself in a harmonious balance, to then extract from its content a representation, an idea, a motif, a detail, a figure, trying not to involve the mind in their project and to reduce the contamination of the psyche.