ARTIST   Elena Borboni

What I paint is: LIFE – source of wonder, amazement, love, beauty.”

Elena Borboni was born in Ome (Bs) in 1947, in the hills of Franciacorta, she moved to Brescia and attended the School of Art. He founded his own school of painting where he teaches for years and at the same time refines and expands his knowledge of art by attending numerous internships.
The "mission" of Elena consists in expressing the eternal element of life, in freeing the essential beauty of nature and feeling through color, which is based on experience and its sensitivity.
His works are a set of representations where the sphere contains a cyclical renewal movement to express the "SE".
The symbols of the roses, of the shower heads, of the trees, inebriate us with endless stories, manifested with generosity by the artist, who observes and proudly narrates the sense of the immanence of life, putting it on stage every time, becoming an inseparable part of the mystery in it is contained.
In its creative progress, nothing is a casual element, but a hugging of one's feelings, representing the continuity of vital cycles, immortalizing them with expressive spontaneity, sagacity, communicative verve and the conviction of being able to contain the irrepressible eternal breath of life, exalting intense beauty and inner freedom.
In this persuasive context it becomes the apotheosis of the serene joy of the deep roots between us and nature.
An internalizing language, an intimate but at the same time highly calculated research, which is based on precise correspondences and juxtapositions of tones, like a sinuous, harmonious and rhythmic piece of music, sharing the sensations that the canvas intends to transmit.
She feels the "need - the need", of shaping, touching, kneading and being in symbiosis, material and real, with nature itself, intimately interacting with her painting, to express a story that finds the human essence in tune with the mother earth, in a natural game of birth, growth, evolution and discovery of oneself.
The chromatic choice favors shades of rainbow, where the fantastic vision of life is clearly legible.
For years he has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, obtaining considerable acclaim and prizes including the 1st critics prize and the 1st prize for the best artistic trend.