ARTIST   Elisabetta Castello

“Elisabetta Castello.”

Elisabetta Castello was born in Genoa in 1959. She has always been an artist, she has set her life on her expressive need, she has chosen artistic studies and has had for all her life works related to her path, first working as advertising graphic in the his agency and later as a figurative arts teacher. This allowed her to work painting and to be able to devote herself to her inclination. His journey touches different expressive styles and instruments, passing from oil and acrylic canvases to watercolor and finally his great love, the pastel, where the various languages ​​through which this artist communicates their own come together in a unified way aesthetic of life. By carefully observing his production one can easily guess how his language is deeply rooted in a fundamental aesthetic principle, that of an always perceptible articulation between sensitivity, emotion and pictorial discipline. Even in her less realistic productions she expresses herself with a language that leaves no room for illusory spontaneous subjectivisms of an immediate and direct expressiveness of feeling, conceptually impossible, but relying on the guidance of pictorial discipline, allowing even in these works to appreciate its communicative value , precisely because supported by a universal syntax. The encounter with the pastel was for her the revealing means of a long sought after expressive potential, after a first phase of a more realistic type her expressive power was able to take advantage of the new technique to arrive at new languages, in which maximally the the articulation between representation and creativity has found its own medium. Thus for example the formally well executed portrait has allowed us to support the expression of a portrait painting in which the strength of emotions and meanings infiltrates the pattern of the drawing exalting it to the highest degree. During his activity he has participated in many collective and personal exhibitions, he has exhibited in cities such as Genoa, Milan, Rome, New York and Brussels. He also participated in exhibitions in some museums where some of his paintings were acquired in their private collection. She is a recognized Unesco painter with whom she participated in the collective exhibition on human rights and is part of the Italian Pastel Society with which she participated in international exhibitions.