Flavio Du Sap

ARTIST Flavio Du Sap

A dreamlike journey through the infinite shades of the soul.”

Born in Ozzano Monferrato (AL) in 1952, for many years in the name of Hippocrates he deals with clinical medicine and nutrition.
The pictorial activity practiced represents a contemplative pause, after the time dedicated to the treatment of physical discomforts and the problems of people’s life.
Creator and founder of “Politropismo-Abstract-Figurative” it represents all-round knowledge and pictorial interpretation with the help of different techniques and materials. Figuration borders on abstract representation with details that configure an intuitive interpretive vision.
Abstraction communicates, with surprise, an intimate, fantastic projection of reality.
The fusion of the components reaches, with intense color combinations, an unexpected result on the part of the observer, reserving perspective-interpretive visions charged with suggestion.
He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and at international events.