ARTIST   Francesca Morlacchi

Art is pure oxygen.”

Born in Bergamo in 1976, she graduated from the Istituto d'Arte Andrea Fantoni and then attended painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. Figurative polyhedral, powerful and passionate, prefers the representation of the human body and horses.
They wrote about her:
'' ... the plastic trait of the sign that predisposes the mind to the best assimilation of the represented concept wins. The speech explores above all the human person in his full reality of existence ... '' (P. Delfina)
'' ... His is an incisive sign that does not admit hesitations of any kind, in perfect adherence to the original that is used ... '' (L. Lazzari.)
'' ... a painter worthy of an eye, who deserves attention not only for her stylistic abilities, for the compelling aesthetics of her paintings, but the sincerity and the transport that she puts in her art, showing enormous expressive and communication skills ... '' (S.Serradifalco.)
She currently has a good national exhibition curriculum and some international video exposition, with excellent feedback and criticism, which are leading her to a growing artistic path.