ARTIST   Giovanna Dalla Villa

“Giovanna Dalla Villa.”

Giovanna Dalla Villa, artist of interiority.
His pictorial language compares the plasticity of the material with the sensitivity of the different
expressive techniques.
His painting generates vibrations and sensations, present as a condition to give rise to the work of art.
Each of his works is born from an emotion, which in the artist translates into feeling.
It is this feeling that drives her to create.
For Giovanna it is fundamental that the emotion, purely spiritual, is translated into a chromatic form,
generating body and physicality in the painting.
The work itself is considered as the external material structure that allows communication and
the participation of the inner, immaterial content, becoming the transmission of an emotion
from one soul to another soul.
The Code of Giovanna Dalla Villa expresses the stainless relationship between body and soul, between physicality and spirituality.