ARTIST   Laura Zilocchi

“Laura Zilocchi.”

Laura Zilocchi was born in 1949 in Guastalla in the province of Reggio Emilia.
He attended the Commercial Technical Institute despite the desire, opposed by his parents, to attend the Institute of Art in Parma; thus began to secretly attend the studies of two artists Guastallesi, the Masters Bartoli and Moscardini and under the guidance of the latter learn the ink drawing in china.

Revealing an eclectic nature that loves to experiment and space in the various areas of knowledge, while cultivating painting with a production that begins with portraits and landscapes, living in the natural context that surrounds it, other passions such as archeology, research historical and even the history of gastronomy of which she is an expert; a strong talent as a writer accompanies and supports his artistic inclinations.
From the landscape, carried out for many years, Laura evinced chromatic suggestions that she subsequently treats as expressive gestures and hence her non-figurative origin; particularly attracted by historical figures like Wassily Kandinsky tries to reconstruct the emotions that motivated the birth of those masterpieces while maintaining their own stylistic code.
Passionate about archeology, her most recent research focuses on the examination of graffiti and the first archaeologically documented records; in them he seeks that emblematicity that transmits them to the present as absolute icons of man's past.
Since then, exhibitions and invitations have begun in museums and historic buildings such as in 2015 the Lighthouse Museum in Genoa and Palazzo Zenobio degli Armeni in Venice with Unesco patronage.
In 2016 she was selected to exhibit at the monumental complex of the Palazzo del Broletto in Novara, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Palermo.
She is invited by the director of the Galleria -Museo Abartium, Eva Cunil, to exhibit, the only Italian, in the Barcelona gallery; selected by the Barcelona Deputation, he exhibits in the Castle of Montesquiu and in the Claret Foundation always in Barcelona. He exhibited in Japan at the Galleria Sistema Gallery and at N.Y. with the Crisolart gallery.
His works can be found in institutions in Italy and in private homes in Switzerland and Brazil.