Liana Degan

ARTIST   Liana Degan

… looking at colors, smelling and perceiving noises and music, you release the sensations, so the work of art is revealed and concretized in an instinct to be grasped: this is how every new creation, empathic, is born immersion of heart and mind between dream and reality, continuous description made of lights and shadows that becomes testimony of memories …

I cultivate my passion for drawing as self-taught and in 2002 I discover a training course
which has transformed my innate predisposition and desire into an opportunity to explore mine
emotions and moods and turn them into pictorial works.
Since then I have experimented with different techniques and ways of introspection and expression to find
in oil on canvas enriched with other materials, the best way to externalize my inner world
so that even those who look and observe the works can sometimes recognize themselves in emotions that are so mine,
but above all of the human nature to which we all belong.
The main theme of my artistic journey is to represent through color and symbolic images
the emotions I experience in various situations.
I like to develop projects, that is a series of works that belong to the same theme; from
here was born the idea of ​​representing the journey I made on Route 66; as well as celebrating mine
love for the cinema by representing the films and the soundtracks that accompany me, listening to them
while I lay the color on the canvas.
I have exhibited in Italy and abroad: London, Barcelona, ​​Cannes, Nice, Brussels and Berlin in Europe
Los Angeles, New York and Washington receiving international recognition as an Italian artist
in the United States of America.