ARTIST   Mario Salvo

“Mario Salvo.”

Mario Salvo recently celebrated his 50 years of artistic career. He founded the cultural association ALETES Onlus and, as President and Lecturer, through art in schools, tries to support the "disabled" and the socially weak categories.

Involving regional public bodies and bodies, he would like, together with other Masters, each in his specific artistic field, to create a free art academy, or a space in which to teach freely, spreading, among the many young and old who want to seriously learn the art and its philosophies, the secrets of techniques and professions of art which, otherwise, would benefit a select few.

    President of the jury of international and national competitions.
    Member of the commission for the awarding of works of art in competition in various provinces through the OO.PP.
    Winner of 3 competitions - EEC competition - purchase award - issued in the Official Journal pursuant to Law 717/49.
    Inserted in the seventh volume of "Quelli che contano" by Ferdinando Anselmetti, published and published by Marsilio Editore.
    Articles and reviews on the most important magazines in the sector.