ARTIST   Patrizia Biagini

“Patri<ia Biagini.”

Patrizia Biagini was born in Rome in 1960. She has always been passionate about Byzantine and Renaissance Paleochristian Art, which she also studied in depth with university seminars. He is fluent in 4 languages.

Starting from 2004 he deepens the study of sacred art, iconography and fresco, attending courses and seminars held by international Iconographers in particular at the Centro Russia Ecumenica using the technique of tempera with egg on a plaster board.

As for contemporary art works, he prefers portraits and African themes.

Her artistic research is leading her to experiment with the progressive dissolution of shapes through a mixed technique of metallic paints inks and acrylic inks passed to glazes, to obtain new and alternative compositional models.

Since 2000 he has begun to exhibit his works, many of which are present in private collections both in Italy and abroad.

Mara Ferloni, Paolo Levi, Giorgio Palumbi, Salvatore Russo, Sandro Serradifalco, Barbara Righetti have written about her.

The Cultural Association Arte in Cammino gave her a special mention in May 2016 for her personal artistic research.

She is passionate about singing (blues and jazz and gospel), a passion she cultivates together with painting.