ARTIST   Peter Pirker

“Peter Pirker.”

Peter Pirker


was born in 1987 in Styria, Austria, and very early showed an incredible artistic talent by winning numerous painting and drawing contests and is now regarded as one of Austria’s up-and-coming painters/visual artists whose oeuvre is characterized by a high degree of originality and intensity as well as extraordinary motives and techniques.

In August 2020 he was the only Austrian artist presented at the ‘art3f – international contemporary art fair’ in the Principality of Monaco and in October 2020 he was selected for the Sfumato International Online Art Exhibition 2020.

He lives and works in Vienna, where one of his paintings will be auctioned at the Hungarian Embassy in spring 2021 on the occasion of an exclusive charity concert, more of his works will be presented at an international gala evening at the end of 2020.