ARTIST   Renato Scarton

“Renato Scarton.”

Renato Scarton, born in Mel in 1952, attended a biennial course in artistic mosaic in Venice in the early 1970s, from where he began his artistic career. After the first experiences and various experiments both in the landscape area of ​​local tradition (to which, however, he continues to refer), and in more committed areas, such as the social themes of the 1980s, his production is expressed in a search aimed at material, informal and gestural abstraction, where even today the mosaic materials that were the baptism of his professional history enter among the various materials used. Scarton is part of the artistic group "La Meridiana" which has been operating for 30 years in the cultural and artistic area of ​​our territory. The noun that can summarize the artistic path of Renato Scarton is contamination: in fact in his works we find references, sometimes quite evident, to reality, but it is transfigured through the use of different materials, pictorial and not. In fact, the artist inserts elements foreign to the traditional painting proper, objects that come from other languages ​​or from other situations, thus operating a contamination of forms and materials. All this is part of a vision of art that is made up of personal assimilation and re-elaboration, of experimentation and research. The paintings therefore become communicative acts that enclose all the essence of the message in the significance of the materials, juxtaposed and assembled with refinement of effects and sugestions, to propose a new way of approaching reality and understanding it in its complexity.