ARTIST   Simona Zecca

“Simona Zecca”

Simona Zecca

Born in Milan, she has always been passionate about drawing and art since childhood, Simona Zecca is a self-taught artist and has always continued to cultivate her passion for art even during her studies and in the period in which she worked in marketing.

In 2019 he began to exhibit his works, immediately receiving an excellent response from the public and critics and obtaining various awards.

He loves realism and hyperrealism as long as they do not encroach on the mere perfect reproduction of reality but that it is instead a tool to deepen the soul of the subject and prefers female portraits but is also exploring a more conceptual portrait style. It has always been particularly focused on the expressiveness of the gaze.

Most recent exhibitions and awards
- International Biennial of Art Mantova ArtExpo (8-16 June 2019)
- Womenhouse - collective exhibition at OnArt Gallery Florence (12-28 July 2019)
- International Art Review San Crispino Prize - Porto Sant’Elpidio (12-27 October 2019): won the Special Award for the Slovenian Embassy Representation
- Star dell’Arte Award 2019 of the monthly art magazine Art now and publication in the December issue of the magazine
- ISA Award Exhibition at ISA Cremona: first prize ex equo ISA Award in the figurative painting category (November 2019)
- Characters in the mirror - collective exhibition at MAD Mantova (1-14 February)
- Matera Award awarded by Spoleto Arte (March 2020)
- Art Now Critics Award and critical publication on the March 2020 issue
- First place Art House Gallery Online Contest 3rd Edition with "Audrey" (March 2020)

- Three times a woman - tripersonal at M.A.D Mantova (13-26 June 2020)

- The art of women - Mini-staff within the collective exhibition at Milano Art Gallery (1-21 July 2020)

- Tripersonal exhibition at ISA Cremona (January 2021)