Stefania Buccio Gonzato

ARTIST   Stefania Buccio Gonzato

A world accessible to few, that of women. Bearers of life, Amazons in combat, gritty and smart players in life; yet fragile as crystals as soon as you discover them.

Stefania Buccio Gonzato, a Brescian artist, lives and works in Schio, in the province of Vicenza.

Always close to the art world, first with Architecture studies, then with wrought iron works made with her husband; in 1973, encouraged by the family, he approached figurative painting.

A few years later he arrives his first solo show in Bassano del Grappa. Since then, her artistic career has seen her grow, mature and sharpen both dowries and techniques, also approaching bronze sculpture.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions and received critical and market appreciation.

The artist places the whole scene in the foreground, compressing bodies and spaces; only occasionally there is a narrow escape route to the city.

With a clear black line outlines the profiles of faces, architectures and objects; with full-bodied, vivid and bright colors, it fills the large areas so marked.

Japan cold and warm tones and does not care about the proportions, big hands, lacquered in black, touch and lean on small rosy cheeks. The artist exaggerates, grazes caricature: it is our attention that he wants