General Information


The Present General Conditions of purchase are determined for any artwork of The Best View Art Gallery explicitly bought online on;which owner is Best View j.d.o.o. with headquaters in Umag -Jadranska 11,Vat 70479536842.
Anykind of operation of purchasing will be adjusted with the availabiliy of DLgs. 185/99,DLgs.206/05,all the direct information leading to the contractt conclusion will be subjected of art.12 of DLgs. 70/03 and as for  it concerns the confidentiality will be subjected  by the regulations of DLgs. 196/03.


Selling products on the web site is considered concluded in the moment in which the the buyer makes an order to Best View Art Gallery ;and the seller Best View Art Gallery accepts it.
In the moment in which the client purchases from the Best View Art Gallery, states the present overview of the General selling terms and conditions of the contract;and obligates himself to overview and respect relations with Best View Art Gallery.
For its purchase Best View Gallery ,will send to a client a promptly billing.


Best View Gallery based on dlGS 196/2003; informs that the Privacy data(Personal and tax data )which is based on the established commercial relationship forwared directly from the clients,or in other way acquired  from the company;will be  formed on the base of the normative;including the duty of confidentiality.
In relation of the predicted;they may be included the rights of the ARt 13 of The European Regulation.


Before forwarding and order of purchase;the client is obligated to carefully read and visualise the General sale  Terms and Conditions.
Once forwared the purchase;the Clients order involves complete awareness of the General Terms and Conditions and their acceptance.
Once concluded the purchase online;the client is liable to print and conserve the present General sale Terms and Conditions being already visualised and accepted during the contract conclusion.


The client for purchasing online sends to Best View Art Gallery the sale proposal of the purchase of the products and/or the products being in cart,therefore is confermed that accepts to purchase them for the suggested General price Terms and Conditions .
Best View Art Gallery will comunicate the purchasing acceptance and the order confirmation.
In particolary Best View Art Gallery will not accept the orders:if the material at the moment of the purchase wouldnt be available.


The purchase of the client and his purchase option is based on the illustrated works of art and all their datasheet being published online for the established price including the shipment prices which are precised on the web site.
In the case of paying at the moment of the delivery/of the receiving ;the shipment payment is escluded.
Before anykind of forwarding of the order of purchase; the prices or the price of any single selected product will be summarised for the quantity of  the products and their shipment conditions of delivery.
The client receives fromThe Best ArtView Gallery (once the order has been shiped ) a mail conferm message that containes all the relative information of the basic charateristics of the Artwork object,precise indication of the purchase price of the Artwork and the relative cost of his shipment,applicable taxes,payment conditions including once again forwarding of the General sale Terms and Conditions.
The possibility of the recess rights,its modality of application and use;all visualised on the web site.
Based on the approval of law decret…… ( Qui tu aggiungi la legge )


-The payment is procesed  and guaranteed securelly with PayPal.
-With anykind of available credit card
-With a banc transfer: ( In that case the reservation of the Artwork is neccesarry and it is reserved to the client with written over the Artwork “ sold out “.)
Interessted client will make a bank transfer in a favour of:
Best View Art Gallery to his banc account:
IBAN HR2024840081135045683 ( Including the shipment expenses )
Swift – RZBHHR2X
In favour of:Best View jd.o.o.

In case of a banc transfer(in the moment of receiving the money on the banc account ) the Artwork will be shiped to the indicated clients adress in about maximum seven working days;with the next modality;explained in further paragraph Transport And Delivery Conditions.


The Artists And Their Artworks.
In order to offer a client purchasing the Artwork based on the realistic price;The gallery of the Best View Art Gallery is suggesting/making a proposal of the quotation for the markets to the artists with whoom is colaborating and with whoom defines their quotation.
The quotation is defined on the base of the Artist Curriculum ( Which is based on number of hisexhibitions, his publications,from the attention of the part of the critics and his awards received..

The value on the market is based also on:
The quality:
For the valuation of the every single Art of Work,defining the quality is fundamental;because not all of the Artworks of the artist has the same level of the quality features
Sometimes the value of the single Artworkt increases on the base of its perimeter.proportion .
The date of performance of every single Artwork is often very important because there are the existing periods in which the artist make the best of them and also the date of their performance can claim historicity of some artworks and make them particularly precious.

Most of the time the Artworks in specific; those who requests more intense activity of the artist,result more valuable,because the time dedicated and the dificulties of the realisation influence on their value.

In comparison of the Artwork with less reviews;the success of any single Artwork is also measured on the base of the reviews and the participation on the important exhibitions in Museums,Art galleries, for which the possibilityi s hihger that the value of the present Artwork increases.
Other important factor is to understand if the price belonges to some important cycle of the artist;in that case could automatically result more precious than the Artwork relalized in other period.


The Best View Art Gallery will beafter the clients payment in charge to ship and to organize a secure transport all the Artworks requested to theclients home adress.
The delivery of the artworks normally in Italy are delivered in about one week from the receiving of the payment and as it concernes the shiping abroad within 3 or 4 weeks.
The transportation costs are variable on the base of the dimensions of the single Artwork and the Zone of Delivery.
For Italy the costs are from 40-50Eur and as it concernes the countries abroad within 50-100 Eur.
For the Art works of the extreme big dimensions the costs could be much higher.


For all the Artworks sold out;Best View Art Gallery gives/guarantees a Warrant of l’ Authenticity.
Every single Artwork is accompanied by the Authenticity certificate firmed in Bottom/Lime or firmed with qualified Expertise .
The certification will be present simultaneously on any Single Artwork or it will be shiped within a few days of the Artwork purchase.


The customer has the right of recess;in particularly to recess any kind of established contract with Best View Art Gallery without any penalty and without any particular reason specification,within 10 working days counted from the first day of the receivement of the Artwork.
The clients recess right is recognised with everykind of purchase of anykind of Artwork onlline on the web site
The right of recession is practised with a written communication with a letter with a return notice( Always within the established terms of the contract )to Best Art View Gallery .

The comunication has to be send to:
Best View Art Gallery
Jadranska 11
52470 Umag ( Croatia )

The client;once sent the recess letter the client is liable to return the Artwork within 15 working days.
The Artwork is returned to a Best View Gallery in perfect conditions and with all its accessories of authenthicity..
The cost of return shipment is at costomers charge.
The Best Art View Gallery is liable to refund all the clients expences;If the recess of the client has been made in all of the respect of the General purchase Terms and Conditions established in contract.
In particolar of the recess being recognised the Best Art View Gallery will of trasmision of the order credit proceed free of charge.
This operation will be carried out trough the credit institution or otherwise with the banc transfer on the clients bank account.
If the above indicated terms and conditions of the recess were not rispected;Best View Art Gallery has a right to reject acceptance or anykind of recess and shipment of the object ( Artwork) .


For anykid of Reclaim or anykind of necessary explanation;the client is asked to contact number : oo39 339 2665325 ( or the mail adress
The client will be contacted in mx. 3 working days from the date of request.


The present contract is based on the Croatian law.
For anykind of competence of the legal intention of the buyer will be refered to the Court of Umag ( CRO ).
In case of the,Best View Art Gallery’s victory the client will have to refund all the expences of the Best View Art Gallery including their lawyer and judgement expences for its proper defense.


As not provided in this contract we applicate the terms and conditions of the current Croatian Law.